PS3 Driving Simulator

A real game driving simulator for all car driving game lunatics around the World

We all adore racing games, and with modern technology making these home driving games so authentic in vision and hearing, the only thing absent is the feeling. Sure some gaming controllers throb and some people even have a driving game wheel sitting in their lap or probably fixed on a cardboard desk. None of these give you a true racing feel, the best you can long for is to get acclimatized to the poor feeling and not mind it any longer. But now it's time to enter the next generation in PC gaming chair controls.

Authentic racing conditions

The OpenWheeler PS3 driving simulator relates to the latest generation of driving simulators, which doesn't just give you any obsolete seat either, this is high-quality synthetic leather automotive driving chair. This isn't a living room chair equipped with a car driving game wheel! This is a properly scaled driving car game chair! Observe any racing car, their prominent features are that they are low-lying and sleek. Low-lying to decrease the air beneath them. Glossy to cut through the air quicker, and both to reduce their center of mass. Sitting low is what racing is all about!

PS3 Driving Simulator

Full compatibility with all home video game wheels and driving games

OpenWheeler is the perfect PlayStation 3 gaming chair system for your favourite driving or flight simulation games. OpenWheeler is fitted for PlayStation 2, PS3, Xbox360, Nintendo Wii and PC car racing games. Its design specifications allow you to avail of driving wheels, control yokes, thumbsticks, claviatures, mouses, liquid crystal display screens, etc.

Completely adjustable home racing simulation game wheel and pedal platforms

A totally adjustable frame and steering platform, fit for video racing simulation game zealots from two meters to one hundred and twenty centimeters. The home video game wheel and pedal systems are fashioned to accommodate the most well-known driving game wheel and pedal sets.

The most optimal driving posture

It is quite convenient, even for a 6'2" man, and the kids will find it comfortable too after they regulate the length between the pedals. The oscillations travel all the way to the racing chair, rendering the racing experience a lot more satisfying than it is when driving with a racing game wheel attached to a desk or some other stand. OpenWheel gaming seat offers also excellent shoulder and back support.

A telescopic home driving simulation game wheel setup and gliding rails

Changing posture is a matter of seconds, using two easy-twist knobs and the telescopic car driving game wheel system. The gliding rails, just like with a genuine car, give you the most perfect racing experience for you.

Easy maneuvering

The OpenWheeler Xbox driving simulator has the lightest weight on the whole. It weighs less than twenty kilograms, it is easy to store and move around the home, owing to the small front wheels. Like a stroller.

Extract the maximum for your cash

Today the car simulator market is crammed full. In spite of that, a very few players provide a different price range. Most often, you obtain not too many functionalities for a vast amount of money. With OpenWheeler PC driving chair you spare cash and time. The car seat simulator will offer you a very convenient driving posture. OpenWheeler will provide you with a lot more than you are paying for. The price of OpenWheeler varies and is dependent on the features. Even so, it is indeed inexpensive - between 200-300 GBP (300-500 USD).